Daniel Weiss (Rock/Fusion/Jazz Guitarist, Composer, and Educator ) 31yr old.
Guitar Idol 2016 Finalist, Israeli Jazz Player Rimon contest Finalist, and Berklee College of Music graduate, guitar soloist/composer for both Jerusalem and Raanana Symphony Orchestra, upcoming guitarist Daniel Weiss has been performing and touring the world both as sidemen and leader, Weiss's trio recently opened up for King Crimson's - Tony Levin “Stick Men”, the young trio "Square To Check" Is strongly becoming the new hot power trio.

 over the last Years, Daniel has been developing a strong social media following. his music has been shared on top music channels such as bass the world, drum talk tv, and many more (over 100k views)

"During the last 5 years, I have been teaching and perfecting my concepts and material to students all over the world (both on Skype and privately at my studio) 
besides various Lick courses, I have also my own courses and systems for familiarizing with concepts of Harmony and Melody all over the neck, always developing new value and new creative ways to practices and study the guitar.